Rub Smokehouse Round 2

We are having a triple celebration meal. We want drinks, coffee and a pile of meaty, saucy, good stuff. You know the kind of comfort food you can enjoy while talking to your family about life. You could almost be at home, but in all truth, the food is better than you can do. We even had people up from London to try the food and enjoy our triple birthday meal.

We ordered starters for the table and decided on Born in the USA: A selection of Pulled Pork, Bacon Potato Skins, Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Nachos, Garlic Bread, Dips and Crackling. It serves four so we ordered 2 platters, one for each end of the table. As we had 12 people around the table we wanted to do something like a share plate and this easily fed everyone and in fact, there was plenty left.

My Eldest, me and my youngest are days apart in birthday land, and the only thing Eldest wanted was to go to Rub Smokehouse and who am I to deny this simple wish?

After the first round of drinks hit the table it was time for food.

Poppy Birthday Edit-51

Poppy Birthday Edit-63

It went down so quickly. The Garlic Bread was a massive hit, it’s brioche and the sweetness of the  bread and the tang garlic butter was an amazing combination. The onion rings are simply perfect (for me) too. From my last Rub post, you know how I feel about that white BBQ sauce.

The place we really busy, filled with big groups of people and the service we received was perfect and timely. We added drinks as the evening went on and nothing was too much trouble.

The mains ranged from the Kansas City Roll, with extras, to double portions of the Mac N Cheese. Someone even braved the Big Foot Burrito (and subsequently ended up taking half home!). There was something for everyone. The sweet potato fries are spot on too.

Poppy Birthday Edit-68

Mexican Bean Chilli

Poppy Birthday Edit-70

Kansas City Burger

Poppy Birthday Edit-71

Kids Menu Hotdog (half eaten)

Poppy Birthday Edit-72

The 51st State (no messing burger)

Poppy Birthday Edit-75

Half Rack Slow Roast Ribs

Poppy Birthday Edit-74

Big Foot Burrito

Poppy Birthday Edit-73

Rub Burger

Although there were plenty more dishes on the table I think these are bloody gorgeous to look at and tasted amazing. Once again we had to take home half the food! The portions are epic.

Because it was a birthday celebration we ordered an Oreo Milkshake and it was sooooooo creamy. You’ll definitely need to rest your belly after on of those.

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Poppy Birthday Edit-81

And to finish. The Kitchen Sink. This is basically the king of all the puddings in the world and literally comes out in a kitchen sink, with ‘kitchen sink’ being loudly chanted by the staff. It’s an experience in its self.

As it says on the tin a kitchen sink loaded with three different flavours of ice cream, marshmallows, bananas, Oreo biscuits, a selection of our homemade brownies, Cadbury flake bits, wafers smothered in chocolate, toffee and blackforest sauce then topped with hundreds and thousands and glace’ cherries

No kidding…

Poppy Birthday Edit-90

Poppy Birthday Edit-96

Poppy Birthday Edit-107

Poppy Birthday Edit-116

(food blogger in the making)

It was just the best pudding for sharing. Something for everyone and really brimming with goodies. I felt it was a really good way to finish our birthday celebrations, it comes with sparklers too.

Poppy Birthday Edit-92

Poppy Birthday Edit-95

Poppy Birthday Edit-106

The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff are attentive and so friendly, and they made my eldest daughter’s birthday every bit as good as she (and we) had hoped.

So yeah, go to Rub Smokehouse Birmingham, order loads of cocktails, order some big puddings, eat all the meat and go home satisfied and full.

To check the menu, location and book click here > Rub Smokehouse.

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