Giraffe – Grand Central Station Birmingham

What could be more convenient than having good food served fast while you are coming or going from Grand Central Birmingham? Not a lot really.

After a long day, we decided to drop in and grab a bite and a beer. The place was fairly empty so we got a booth straight away, it was about 7.30pm on a Thursday evening, so I was really happy to see it had some space. The waitress was lovely, attentive and I was super happy with her wonderful service. I wasn’t in a great mood when we arrived as we’d just been somewhere and had a not so great experience and I was hangry (hungry-angry), I left Giraffe full and happy. Those are the signs of a good time.

I went with a Chilli Beef Burrito, Fresh Lemonade and Sweet Potato Fries.







It’s a soft tortilla filled with rice & chilli beef topped with smoked cheddar, adobe sauce, sour cream, pink onions & crunchy seeds, green salad with tomato salsa & tequila-lime dressing – yummy. The Chilli Beef Burrito seemed to have pulled pork (I think) in it too, giving a really tasty twist and extra to chew in sporadic mouthfuls. I really loved the texture of the soft wrap and the lightly spiced middle was exactly as I hoped it would be; a little bit messy.

My dinner date ordered BBQ Chicken Quesadilla, Skin on Fries and a Brooklyn Beer.






The BBQ Chicken Quesadilla consisted of shredded bbq chicken, black bean & corn chilli with melting cheese, fiery chipotle salsa & creamy slaw. The chipotle had a gorgeous smokey undertone and makes it completely moreish. They look pretty thin but the are totally packed with chicken and are incredibly filling.

The bill came to £36.85, I also ordered an iced coffee when I ordered my meal. I was really happy with the price for the quality and speed of the service. On the menu it states if you are in a hurry to let them know and order the bill at the same time, so it makes it a great pit-stop between destinations, but frankly Giraffe Grand Central Station Birmingham is a destination by itself. It’s a bit chilly at this time of year in the station so you’re going to want to have an extra layer if you’re planning on eating there. The decor is light, filled with faux plants and wooden tables – a very relaxed atmosphere and it was exactly what I needed.


The sweet potato fries are completely amazing and the side salad didn’t even get a look in…

We polished off our meals in no time and continued on our journey to our final destination.


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