How to get the Most From Your Olive Oil

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. Something I think I have often got wrong is which oil I have used and for what purpose. Jamie’s Italian, is one of my favourite places to eat  and they’ve now released the below infographic to help us home cooks out. It’s really useful if like me, you like to get things right.

How to get the most from your olive oil:

  • Buy the best quality you can afford. Like most things food related, quality comes with a price.
  • Taste it. Start tasting your oils and begin recognising the subtle flavour sensations like – bitter, sweet, musky or fruity.
  • Experiment. Olive Oil can bring a richness to many dishes, many flavoured oils partner really well with a simple salad or pasta.
  • Use it as instructed. I have made this mistake a few times and tried to use an oil in a way that doesn’t suit its constancy.



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