Birmingham’s Top 5 Pizza Places

If you are hankering for a hot sizzling slice in Birmingham today, look no further: here are your top 5 places to hit up and satisfy your pizza cravings.

  1. La Vera Wood Oven Pizzeria

Voted one of the ten best budget cafes and restaurants in Birmingham by the Guardian, La Vera Wood Oven Pizzeria offers a quality dining experience and a trendy environment. Nothing beats a wood oven pizza, bubbly dough and a variety of toppings to choose from. With the fireplace as the focal point, the environment is airy, inviting and family friendly. Whether it is date night or family pizza night, La Vera is the perfect place to dine.

  1. Hot Stuff Pizza

Pizza, burgers, sandwiches and more! Hot Stuff Pizza on Bristol Street in Birmingham is always a crowd pleaser, and easy on the budget. Although Hot Stuff is classified under the fast food category instead of fine dining, the chewy dough, gooey cheese and fresh toppings gives this restaurant a top-notch rating.  An added bonus to ordering here? Hungry House will pick up your hot and fresh pizza order and will deliver it to the comfort of your home. Satisfy your pizza cravings from your couch!

  1. The Stable

If you are getting bored with the traditional pepperoni pizza and are looking to up your pie game, look no further: The Stable will satisfy and carb craving. Pizza eaters from all over find their way to The Stable to experience their strange, off the wall toppings that sound different but taste perfect. Marinated lamb, mint, chorizo, blue cheese and eggs make up the menu and keep people coming back for more.  Of course, some familiar faces do dwell at this location, for those who stick to tradition.

  1. Zizzi

No one does pizza better than the Italians, and Italian food is what Zizzi in Birmingham offers. Even though their pasta dishes are the rave of the town, Zizzi’s also offers a mean pizza pie. Fresh toppings, hand stretched dough and a homemade blend of cheeses are thrown into the wood fire oven and cooked to perfection. Catering to vegetarians, vegans, non-gluten and non-diary consumers, there is no one that can shy away from enjoying pizza at Zizzi’s.

  1. The Dark Horse

Leave the kids at home and head over to The Dark Horse for some craft beer, smoked meat, and delicious pizza. What started off as a pop-up pizza restaurant in Birmingham has turned into the “it” spot to go to. Offering a thin, crispy crust and a fantastic selection of smoked meat toppings, the Dark Horse’s selection of beer will help you wash it all down in glory.

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