Is there anything better than getting some gorgeous clothing while also saving one of the seven wonders of the world?

Probably not many things. I love it when a brand collab also gives back. We Are Handsome x YOOX have gone full tilt on the #YOOXLovesthereef campaign. The 6 piece collection is frankly gorgeous, but the fact the proceeds raised go to a good cause? Makes it ever more loveable.

I am gonna go ahead and share my three fave pieces. 

I love the print on this one. The whole collection reminds me of the ocean, the deep blues, the swirls ahhh it’s all just super chill and pretty. 

I spend 90% of my life in some sort of legging or yoga pant. Same print as the Tee, but a little lighter. Hello there comfortable leggings.

I am a bit in love with the top from this set. The coverage is a bit more than you’d get with a standard bikini, and as a big busted woman, the support on this would be much needed.

It may well be one of the seven natural wonders of the world, but today its survival is hanging in the balance. This is why, on Earth Day this year, YOOX launched its project to support the Great Barrier Reef, in an attempt to save the largest living organism on the planet.

The collection is exclusive to YOOX, and is currently on sale!

Happy shopping Earth Lovers.

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