16 Week Midwife Check-up

Me and my new midwife, we get on. I saw her short choppy hair, nose ring and heard a story about her dying her fringe pink. Sometimes, you just know when a person is your type of person. I was grasping a bottle of water last time we met, grey and feeling like shit. From the booking in appointment, I was set on a home birth. The support was immediate from her. I could feel that this was a lady who truly meant what she said.

Technically I am not 16 weeks till Thursday, but the baby will be the size of an avocado. He or She is about 11cm long and weighs in a cute 100g.

16 Week Midwife Check-up

Frankly, I love her. I mentioned the ‘brave’ comment from the locum consultant a few weeks ago. After we went through all the admin, we got back round to the birth again. Although August seems far away, with school runs, school holidays and work it will go by quickly. Once again I said I wanted a home birth. There was a nod of acknowledgement and it was followed with:

“this is, and always will be your choice, if you want to stay at home – we come to you. That said, you’ve done it before so great!”

Lovely Midwife went on to say:

“I support your decision to have a home birth”.

We talked about the possibility of GD again, and we’ve agreed that our plan from this point will be home birth, the only way that will change is if in the 28/36 week scan that this little doodle is looking like a huge doodle. After having three very different birth experiences I trust my body, I trust my sturdy legs, I trust my self.

And so, forward we go. Me, and my Avo Baby.

P.S I am fairly sure there have been flutters and little kicks this week.


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