The Stable Birmingham – Pizza, Pies and Family Time

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We are big on food, we are big on eating in different restaurants and we will happily try out the new kid on the block in our area. The outside of the building, due to the lighting looks very inviting, and the tables are wonderful and long, perfect for big groups and families like ours
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The room was warm and spacious. Enough room for a giant pushchair like mine to manoeuvre around with ease. I think what was most interesting was the variations of pizza topping, the selection isn’t monumental but it’s more than enough, and what’s on offer is actually all you need to choose from. When we go back I’m going to sample something from the pie side of the menu.

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They have highchairs, but the chairs are more than okay for little ones like mine. They are wide, thick and sturdy. On to the pizza we tried:

Margherita – For my girls the winner of the night, they enjoyed the extra thick cheese topping.
The Billy The Kid – Cheese Cellar Dairy goats’ curd cheese, caramelised onions, field mushrooms, English spinach, fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella. Topped with hazelnuts.
The Perry Barr- Baa – Marinated lamb, mint, Cheese Cellar Dairy goats’ curd cheese, thyme roasted sweet potato, roasted onions, fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella. 

We also sampled a few more slices, but those to me stood out and we ordered pudding too.

Nutella Pizza Pudding – Chocolate, hazelnut and mascarpone pizza.

We weren’t expecting the size to be so generous and ordered three, we had to leave a whole one behind! They were very good, the mascarpone cut through the sweetness of the Nutella which made for good eating. And although I was washing mine down with a Bee Sting Perry, I would highly recommend a coffee which you enjoy the pudding pizza.

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I guess the real question is, is The Stable a family suitable establishment? The answer is yes. They gave the girls colouring sheets, dinosaur shaped crayons, address them directly and although some might say that is because it was the opening night and there so were many people of influence there  for the early opening but, I actually think the staff of The Stable Birmingham are that good, are that nice and are exactly what I need as a parent trying to eat a meal out of the house.

Richard Cooper, telling us about the menu, the staff and The Stable. It was a good evening, great location and superb host.

We were invited along for the opening evening, had a great time, and the very, very good pizza has in no way swayed my opinion. If you also like good pizza, pies and cider the click the link to find out more. The Stable Birmingham.


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