Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Uggy, is a rescue dog and he came with a few problems. His breed naturally has a few things, this folds of skin will get sore if not cleaned properly, he really needs a supplement for his joints, being such a large dog. He gets scared easily, he had large bald patches when we picked him up from the shelter. He pulled his own hair out from stress too. Taking care of his skins needs has always been important to us, this means ensuring he has the right food and environment.


While he was in the dogs home his food was Pedigree, and when we got him home we stuck to that brand for most of the time. We have tried other hypoallergenic foods during times when he had a skin flare up, just to see if that would make a difference in him or his coat. However, our tried and true, to keep him in tip top condition has always been Pedigree and I can’t see that changing.

Pedigree Dog Food

There are other simple things you can do to keep your dog in great shape to:

1)      Stay active. Every dog is different, so the amount of walks they will need if different, but the point is that really they should be walked at least one a day. Uggy would likely sleep for 18 hours a day, not too dissimilar to the cat if he was allowed, but the walks are good for me too.

2)      Water. This one is about simple as dog care gets – they should always have access to fresh, clean water. Although Uggy will drink out of a pond, or a puddle anyway, he always has a nice big bowl of water.

3)      Bedding. Warm, soft bedding should be available too. Uggy has a bed in the kitchen, and one outside too. He is a bit of a nester, so will also take pillows and so on to make his space even more snuggly.

4)      Quiet time. As much as dogs are very social they will often need time to relax in the quiet too, this is where having a good space is essential. Just like children, dogs cane be come over stimulated and get a little rowdy. Give them the room to be alone, they’ll thank you for it.

5)      A complete dry dog food. This one is pretty easy, you need to look for a food high in nutrients, low in salts and sugars, something to support their digestive system and their immunity too.

Uggy’s wellbeing is very important to us, as most dog owners can testify, their dogs are part of the family and deserve the same amount of thought and care put into their food, that we put into our own. 


 This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE, but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Aww – what a sweet dog you have there. Uggy sounds like my mum’s old dog who was the most laid back thing you can imagine. Huge, but so soft!

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