Trunki ToddlePak Giveaway and Review

I am utterly delighted to be able to give one of the brand new Trunki ToddlePaks away to my readers.

Recently we got the chance to review one, I let Ivy choose which ever one she liked and she opted for the gorgeous little pink bear. It is the perfect size for ages 2- 6/7 and has a phenomenal amount of space for a kids backpack. With space for water bottles and other storage.

Surprisingly it has 5ltrs of space. Which is great because on longer journeys we do have to pack a fair few teddy and toys. The front clips mean it’s not going to fall off when she goes exploring too!

The bright colours and cute character is perfect for toddlers, and Ivy was in love at first sight. We are going on holiday soon, and will be using this bag to it’s fullest potential. (Get ready for Instagram spam).

NB: Getting her to stay still for photos was a nightmare! The backpack will be making many appearances on my Instagram soon.

Some of ToddlerPak’s key features

  • Super safe toddler backpack with Hi-vis integrated into the cute design
  • Hugging arms offer additional storage to carry extra items like a coat or teddy
  • Cute face doubles as a pocket for additional storage
  • 5ltr volume

Trunki Toddlepak Giveaway

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  1. Clare Anscombe

    Love this! Looks super cute, I must admit I am expecting my first child (cue absolute terror at having to be an actual adult) but hey it’s never too soon to stock up on things right!

  2. Tina Hewitt

    They are all fabulous , I’ve had to resort to up dip sky blue etc ( childish I know) The Orange Tiger is the winner

  3. Arabella Bazley

    Betsy is the cutest. Bert would be a contender but he’s a boy and we all know boys are not “cute” 😉

  4. Danielle Watson

    Wow this looks amazing would be wonderful for our little boy as we love going out for walks and it holds so much! Plus he starts nursery and would be fab for this also!
    Absolutely love the lion one! Bright and adorable design! Xx

  5. Val Pownall

    Hard choice as they’re all fantastic and gorgeous but I think we’d choose the pink bear – our little ones favourite colour.

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