A Honeymoon with a Difference

Getting married can be one of the most exciting times in a couple’s lives – maybe bar extending their family with children! There are months and sometimes years of planning that can go in to a wedding – from the cake, to the church, to the guest list, every detail is important and will be unique to each couple. But once the big day is over, what about the honeymoon? Everyone knows the traditional honeymoon imagery of a couple on white sands and turquoise seas – but what if this isn’t your style or you want a change from a previous holiday you might have done before? Well, many couples … [Read more…]

Top Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep on Holiday

We are in the middle of peak holiday season and for many of us, that means boarding planes, trains and automobiles and heading off to spend a week or two relaxing. While the days are long and lovely, the nights can cause us a few problems. When it comes to sleeping we can often miss our home comforts. Here are a few top tips to make your holiday nights dreamy. Be sure to take your favourite loungewear. Simple things like your favourite jogging bottoms and comfy t-shirt put us in the home comfort mental state. On more than one occasion I’ve treated myself to new p.js and they just haven’t … [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Visit Iceland

I’ve always had two places on my list of ideal trips, Sweden and Iceland. Very recently I ticked Sweden off my list and so it has prompted me to start doing some research on Iceland! The main things I want to know about are food, transportation, great tourist stuff like museums and quiet spaces. I love to travel with my camera so finding locations for great photographs is both essential, and rewarding. I also usually have a daughter or 3 with me. So a varied itinerary is essential for us. With that in mind, here are my 5 Reasons to Visit Iceland. Food Great food is a must have. When traveling to a … [Read more…]

All Mum’s Need To Travel Alone Once In A While

Look, we all need some mum time, and we don’t mean an hour over the weekend. We mean a break; a chance to go travelling alone for a bit. We go on holidays as a family, and read all the tips we need, but it’s so important for mum’s to get away alone because, well, we get an average of 17 minutes to ourselves a day. However, for one reason or another, women are led to believe that traveling solo has a myriad of negative side-effects linked to it. There are perceptions that it is dangerous, hard work, lonely and frightening. We are led to believe that we are not … [Read more…]

Holidays Are Coming! How To Make The Most Out Of It

Summer is here, and that means many people are considering their family holidays. It is always an exciting time as you start to approach your holiday. The month’s countdown becomes weeks, and then it literally is only a matter of days before you hit the road or board a plane. However, I think many of us could get so much more our of our annual summer holiday. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can to. Allowing you to make more memories as well as enjoy yourself to the maximum. Consider hiring a car Some people are happy to spend their days lounging by … [Read more…]

Weekend Breaks: How To Reduce Stress When You Take The Kids

All parents know how stressful short breaks can become when they take their children along. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave them with a babysitter while you go off enjoying yourselves. You just have to find methods of working around the madness and ensuring everyone stays happy. In this article, I’m going to offer some suggestions that could make all the difference. With a bit of luck, you can use this advice to ensure you don’t lose your head when spending a few nights away with your kids. Of course, there is always something that could go wrong. So, you need to make sure you’re relaxed and calm before … [Read more…]

Travel Tips for Family Trips.

We went on holiday just a few short weeks ago (although it feels like a life ago time now), in order to get the best deal we shop around. You want value for money PLUS child friendly holidays. Travel Tips for Family Trips. Book early – If you know where you want to go, for how long and when (with a few months to spare) you’ll probably bag a great deal. Be bendy-flexi. If you could leave on a Friday OR a Saturday OR a Sunday then check which one is cheaper. I would happily lose 1 day of holiday for a saving. I tend to book a Tuesday or … [Read more…]

Hidden Gems- European Destinations for Family Holidays!

Hidden Gems- European Destinations for Family Holidays!   Family holidays can be unforgettable experiences, for good and unfortunately bad reasons! Nothing with kids is ever easy, but standing in hot queues of tourists, or panicking when you lose one of them in a busy crowd- it’s the stuff of holiday nightmares! If you and your family are keen to get some sun, and make unforgettable memories, but are only able to travel during the school holidays (along with thousands of other families) here are some tips for destinations where you can do all that without fear of crowds or too many other tourists.   1- Guèthary– Located on France’s Southwestern … [Read more…]

Looking for a Luxury Villa in Sicily?

When we go on holiday there are usually a lot of us and we tend to opt to rent out a large house or Luxury Villa with pool, something that can accommodate all of us. We love to cook and eat meals all together but equally have time to retreat. Villa Hyblea in Sicily is quite the find. Boasting 3 suites with private livings areas, 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms sleeping up to 14 it’s space is perfect when you are looking to go away with your whole family. The 18th Century Villa previous belongs to an aristocratic family in Sicily and sits in a massive 40 hectares of ancient olive … [Read more…]