The REAL danger of co-sleeping

There has been a lot in the press, heated debates and so much on telly about the dangers of co-sleeping. Those of us who do co-sleep seem to be shouting in to the wind a lot of the time. It’s time I faced the facts though. Co-sleeping has some real issues. Things I can no longer ignore and am I feel like they are things you need to know. The REAL danger of co-sleeping Your baby might be too content. You heard me. Your baby might be TOO CONTENT. They get this way because they are near you and your smell is comforting.  If you aren’t sure if you might … [Read more…]

Toddler mealtimes are like Game of Thrones.

Do you make a meal out of mealtimes? We have weaning pouches, plates, boxes, finger food, fancy forks and knives but what happened to – eat it or you’ll go to bed hungry? I see picture after picture of boxes with sticks and straws, animal shaped sandwiches, information about how to get your toddler to eat by cutting the food in the teeny tiny star shapes, covering it with edible glitter and being self satisfied at the end of it. Some toddlers are difficult. I have had one easy and one difficult with food. I refuse to sit for 30 minutes making a lunch that looks too good to eat. … [Read more…]

My Evil Toddler.

You flick me in the eyeballs, You twat me in the jaw, You pull my hair, Grab my lip, I did not ask for more. You’re calm and look contented, I ask if you want lunch, You punch me in the kneecap, With your little fat, ham fist. I say ‘please don’t do that’, You say ‘Shut you face Mama!!!’. I’m hiding in the toilet, I know you know I’m here, You scream and head butt the door, You deeply sniff and take in all my fear. You smell of rage and hate, Your eyes look in my soul, Deep down I know you’re not so bad, But tell that … [Read more…]