The Benefits of a Family Staycation

The Benefits of a Family Staycation While we all look forward to jetting off in the summer to somewhere exotic, inclusive of warm weather and gorgeous sandy beaches, holidaying abroad just isn’t for everyone. When you are care free with limited responsibilities, you don’t think twice about booking a flight to wherever you point to on a map. However, as we grow older and take on responsibilities, such as bringing up children and paying a mortgage, we soon realise that we cannot just simply up sticks and go whenever and wherever we like. It’s a shame, but that is life. Also, many parents soon regret take small children on planes, … [Read more…]

More Than Bars And Beaches: Why Tenerife Has Something For Every Traveller

Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations for holidaymakers in the UK. People from here pour into it, and its neighbouring Canary Islands, all year round. Of course, as with many destinations of this nature, this can lead to a less flattering reputation than a location would ideally like. But if you drop your preconceptions, there’s more to Tenerife than bars and beaches. Okay, so it has both of those in plentiful supply. And those beaches really are worth a visit even if you’re not a sun-worshipper. But look beyond the usual tourist traps, and Tenerife has a lot that will feed your wanderlust. Something To See With … [Read more…]

Staycationing The Right Way: Where To Go & What To Do

You might usually prefer to head abroad when it comes to booking your holidays, but it might be time that you considered staying closer to home. You might want the weather and the culture that you’re used to when you travel further afield, but opting for a staycation in England has it’s selling points too. If the idea appeals to you, you’re going to need to work out where you want to go and what you want to do while you’re there. You have so many options, from accommodation to stay in to sights to see, that you’re definitely spoilt for choice. So, hopefully, these ideas will help you to decide. … [Read more…]

Three Reasons You Need to Visit Scandinavia!

There is just something magical about snowy wintery breaks. The cool, clean air. The quite. The twinkling stars in the crisp night sky. They really can be enchanting. There are actually more places that you think where you can experience all these things. But by far, one of the most popular locations for a winter getaway is Scandinavia. Read on to find out more. Northern Lights One of the largest draws of visiting the countries of Finland, Sweden, and Norway is the chance to view the Northern Lights. These are the seemly magical lights that appear in the sky at certain times of the year. Your likelihood of seeing them, … [Read more…]

Sunny Days And Sultry Nights In Cuba

Colourful and quixotic, Cuba is an exotic destination where it often seems as if time has stood still. From pastel-hued Havana to the white beaches of Cayo Santa Maria and from the tobacco region of the Viñales Valley to luxurious Varadero, Cuba is the epitome of contrast and diversity. If you’ve always been fascinated by this Caribbean beauty, take a look below at some of the most beautiful places to visit on the island. Credit: Pixaby Hot Havana Havana is steeped in the colonial history of Cuba’s past. Here you’ll be immersed in a land that time forgot. Yet it is also thriving, busy and lots of fun. The locals … [Read more…]

Post holiday post.

Okay, I haven’t posted in a while, it has been quite manic. In a previous post I mentioned us going away, Mojo’s first flight, she was in fact a dream. Mojo and eldest laughed as loud as possible during turbulence (the weather was terrible) and cheered up the other people on the flight. Many comments after the flight about how cute they were and so on, lovely!We went up as a surprise to celebrate my Nana’s 70th birthday, she nearly fell away with shock. Mission complete. As a gift to her I filled a photo album up of pictures of the girls, many many of them. In the front we put … [Read more…]