3 Steps To Make Your Gardening More Efficient

Get your green fingers going For those people out there who love to take care of their gardens, are you making the most out of it? It’s easy to overlook areas which you can improve, especially if you’re already satisfied with what you have. However, there’s always a way to improve a system, so why not give it a try? If you already love gardening, then it’s no problem for you to invest in improving your garden. The amount you need to invest really depends on what you want to do with your garden, and how much space you have for it.   Invest in a greenhouse While it might … [Read more…]

What is “hyperlocalism” and how could it get you the best garden ever?

How much does your garden blend in with your local area? Where did you source your plants? Come to think of it, where did the concrete to make your patio come from? These are just a few of the concerns addressed by hyperlocalism. Hyperlocalism in gardening is used to describe the practice of using locally sourced materials and plants to design a garden. This means prioritising native and endemic plants over ones that are sourced abroad or from elsewhere near you. Native plants are ones that originated in your country, and endemic plants are those that are particular to your eco-system. The reason this is a buzzword these days is … [Read more…]

Make Your Outdoor Space Child Friendly In 3 Parent Friendly Steps

Not all parents have a lot of outdoor space to call their own. But even a modicum of garden can be a hazard for the kids. Don’t be put off by it though. After all, fresh air and activity outdoors are really important for their health and for yours. That doesn’t mean you need to spend all your energy preparing the garden for parent-and-child fun. All you need is a little creativity and these 3 steps to see you enjoying your outdoor space at last: Clear out This might be the biggest part of the job. Strip everything bare and start again. Sounds easy? It can be back breaking to … [Read more…]

Advice For Designing A Low-Maintenance Garden

Lots of parents struggle to find the time to maintain their gardens when they have small children at home. That is because most of each day is spent getting the little ones ready for school and earning a living to keep a roof over their heads. With that in mind, all mothers and fathers could benefit from choosing a low-maintenance design, so their outdoor space looks fantastic without anyone having to give it too much attention. The ideas below should help readers to achieve that goal, but there are lots of other concepts out there too. So, just use some common sense. Plant evergreen trees and shrubs There are lots … [Read more…]

Nosy Neighbours? Maintain Privacy In Your Back Garden This Summer!

When the weather is warm, there are few better places to be than outside enjoying your garden. Since this space can’t really be utilised during the coldest parts of the year, when the weather is nice it’s well worth taking advantage. Whether it’s sunbathing, reading a book, enjoying a glass of wine or hosting a party for family and friends, the garden offers lots of opportunities for enjoyment. However there’s one thing that can really bring the mood down, and that’s knowing you have nosy neighbours watching over you. It can be difficult to relax knowing you have beady eyes on you, and might even put you off spending time … [Read more…]

Make Your Garden An Ideal Summer Hangout Spot

When it gets to this time of year, most people start to use their garden a little more – or in some cases, a lot more. If your family is one that likes to spend as much time as possible outside, then your garden probably gets a lot of use. But is your outdoor space actually as good for spending time in as it could be? Chances are, there are some things you could do in order to improve it in this way. If you and your children spend a lot of time there, you might as well make it perfect, or as close to perfect as possible, for the … [Read more…]

The Perfect Summers Evening

Gardening is a great weekend pastime. Being out in the sun, planting beautiful flowers and making every last little detail just perfect. But if you’re working full-time, you don’t get that much time to enjoy the garden during the day. By the time you get home, you’ll only have an hour or two of sun left before it gets dark. That doesn’t mean you can’t still sit out in your new garden, you’ll just need to get it set up for the evening. With a bit of forethought, you can tailor your garden so it’s just right for a summers evening. Here’s how to do it. Planting Those vibrant flowers … [Read more…]

Getting the Most Out of Your Garden (Whatever the Size!)

Making the most out of your outdoor garden space is often the last thing on a long list to be considered when modifying your home, yet the nicer your garden (or back yard) is, the more you and your family will be compelled to spend time in it. Many of us simply do not have time for the upkeep of a garden full of flowerbeds that need weeding and watering, but you can still have a fabulous garden without a big time and effort commitment. This article will give some tips on how to do it.   Furniture Whether it is small or big, your garden’s aesthetic can be vastly … [Read more…]

Ideas For What To Plant In Your Garden

It’s that time of year again when the sun is shining, temperatures are rising and people are getting their homes and yards ready for summer. A fun way to spruce up your backyard is to start a garden. It doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little exploration and determination you’ll be growing your favorite plants and flowers in no time. The thought is overwhelming for those who’ve never planted a thing in their life, but it doesn’t have to be if you do a little research first. Learn what types of items to plant in your garden and tips for maintaining a healthy and flourishing space. Tomato Plants & … [Read more…]