How You Can Get More Out Of Your Garden In A Morning

Most parents will agree, if you are up before your children there is something quite peaceful about your home, your garden included. You can hear every sound, you have time for yourself to make that first hot drink of the day, and even a moment to gather your thoughts for the day and week ahead. A morning like this really can be one of the best ways to start your day. As the weather is getting nicer, it can be more and more tempting to step outside with your coffee or tea and enjoy those peaceful minutes in the fresh air. However, if your garden needs some work it might … [Read more…]

Is Your Garden Full Of Spring Sass Yet?

Springtime has truly blossomed! Daffodils are in full bloom, the sun is breaking through those last winter clouds, and the thoughts of Christmas are long gone! There is something incredibly exciting about springtime, whether it’s the warmer weather, the thoughts of those longer evenings, or maybe even the beautiful spring sunsets, it’s definitely a time of renewal.Let spring be the start of a new chapter! Of course, we cannot forget that Easter is just around the corner, which obviously means lots of delicious sweet treats!   Spring is the time we tend to renew our thoughts and ideas, starting with the annual spring clean, because decluttering is definitely a large part … [Read more…]

Make A Romantic Summer Garden

You don’t have to be planning any big gestures this summer to justify adding a little romance to your garden. The magnificent tradition of the Romantic Garden dates back to the 18th century and glimpses of its influence can be seen everywhere from Rome’s achingly lovely Villa Borghese to Munich’s ‘English Garden’ and more intimate aspects of Versailles. The style has nothing to do with pledging truths or declaring undying love and everything to do with creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace where beauty’s essential, views are framed like paintings, planting appeals to the senses and time spent in serene contemplation is time well spent. If it just so … [Read more…]

I think I’m a Freesia

I was in the garden a few minutes ago, I took Middle kid out with me. Our garden is over grown, filled with bees, butterflies and bugs. It’s also loaded with surprises. This is our first summer in a house with a garden and the people who lived here before had a plan for his garden. Once something begins to fade, another plant will pop up in it’s place. We’ve had glorious Tulips, bright pink Poppies, we are currently enjoying onions beetroots, potatoes, herbs and have a large (over grown) apple tree which is so filled with fruit I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all.  The … [Read more…]

Home Ed outdoor plans!

Well, as you all know by now – because I haven’t stopped harping on about it – we have a pretty good sized garden. It has rockery, vegetable patches, a hidden space at the back, trees and grass. Plus some other bits we have yet to investigate.  This is the first time we have been able to really do the outdoors thing. There is a difference between mooching about in a field like a womble, getting dirty and having to catch three buses and a tram home and being able to do it in your garden. We are appreciators of a good garden, because we haven’t had one in 5/6 … [Read more…]