How to Make the Perfect Homemade Ice Cream

How to Make the Perfect Homemade Ice Cream Ice cream is one of life’s most simple yet wonderful pleasures. Everyone loves ice cream, yet few of us seem to have an interest in actually making it for ourselves, despite how easy it is to do. There are numerous advantages to homemade ice cream and you have complete control over taste and texture. Making simple vanilla ice cream will show you just how easy it is and once you have the basics down, you can begin to experiment with different ingredients and techniques until you find the perfect combination for you. In this article we take a look at some of … [Read more…]

Chewy Moon – Super Snack Time

A couple of weeks ago we were offered to try out a box from Chewy Moon. If you follow me on the gram (@mojoblogs) you’ll know that I was coupling my snack time with Ivy’s snack time. I work from home so I tend to keep to a fairly strict routine.   Snack time for mama & Ivy! I’ve got some Cashew Nut Butter & Baobab Crunchy Bites from @mindfulbitesuk and Ivy had some Freaky Fruits from @chewymoonbox 🌱🌱❤️ #snackwithintention #mindfulbites #chewymoon on #thepursuitofjoyproject #dairyfree #plantbased #vegan #gratitude #compassion #smile #plantbasedtomorrow #salad #recipe #recipes #dinner #feedfeed #plantpowered #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #veganfood #crueltyfree #enjoy #plantbaseddiet #meatfree A post shared by Zara (@mojoblogs) … [Read more…]

Four European Holiday Destinations For Foodies

If you love to travel, then what better way to tie that in with a love of good food? There are plenty of places around the world where the food has to be experienced at least once in your life. Europe, in particular, has plenty to offer for foodies. So where are the best destinations? Here are some places that are a must if you’re a bit of a foodie and want to experience a city through its food.   Cologne, Germany If you haven’t heard of Cologne before, then it is one of Germany’s largest cities, that famously sits on both sides of the Rhine River. It is a … [Read more…]

How to get the Most From Your Olive Oil

I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. Something I think I have often got wrong is which oil I have used and for what purpose. Jamie’s Italian, is one of my favourite places to eat  and they’ve now released the below infographic to help us home cooks out. It’s really useful if like me, you like to get things right. How to get the most from your olive oil: Buy the best quality you can afford. Like most things food related, quality comes with a price. Taste it. Start tasting your oils and begin recognising the subtle flavour sensations like – bitter, sweet, musky or fruity. … [Read more…]

Handmade Burger Co Kids Menu Review

We tend to go out to eat most weekends, sometimes we go for Italian, sometimes we opt for sushi but the girls have a deep love of a simple burger and fries combo. I’ve recently switched to a plant-based diet and my husband loves meat in general. Handmade Burger Co perfectly caters for all of this – which is lovely. The kids menu is pretty straight forward, you get a main, side, drink, and desert for £3.95 – pretty good value. Poppy went for the chicken burger, Lily chose the beef and cheese classic, and Ivy opted for the fish finger burger. For sides two had the chips and one … [Read more…]

Birmingham’s Top 5 Pizza Places

If you are hankering for a hot sizzling slice in Birmingham today, look no further: here are your top 5 places to hit up and satisfy your pizza cravings. La Vera Wood Oven Pizzeria Voted one of the ten best budget cafes and restaurants in Birmingham by the Guardian, La Vera Wood Oven Pizzeria offers a quality dining experience and a trendy environment. Nothing beats a wood oven pizza, bubbly dough and a variety of toppings to choose from. With the fireplace as the focal point, the environment is airy, inviting and family friendly. Whether it is date night or family pizza night, La Vera is the perfect place to … [Read more…]

Could Your Passion For Food Be More Than A Hobby?

If you’re a foodie, then the chances are that at some point or another, the idea of turning your passion for food into a business has crossed your mind. The great thing about food is that it’s so versatile and there are so many different ways that you could start working in the industry. In case the idea of turning your passion for food into more than a hobby takes your fancy, below are some ideas for how to go about doing that.   Start a food blog   There might already be thousands of well-established food blogs out there, but don’t let that put you off. If you’ve got … [Read more…]

Are These The UK’s Most Romantic Restaurants?

Credit There are a lot of fantastic restaurants in the UK, and many of them are a great visit for a romantic evening. There are a few that stand out above the rest, though, and these are the ones we want to focus on today. These are the restaurants that you take your significant to if you’re planning to propose to them. These are the restaurants you use for the best date night ever. You’re not going to forget these trips in a hurry. So, get comfy, get out your map book, and pick from the ten examples we’ve got for you today.   Inverlochy Castle, Fort William Inverlochy Castle … [Read more…]

How To: Food Festival

We are avid foodies, and as such we have been to plenty of food festivals. We love world food days, vegan fests, meat festivals and seasonal ones too. During that time we’ve gotten much better at knowing what to bring and how to navigate the food festival. Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of the festivals. Arrive early. This one is really important, there tends to be fewer people when you arrive early and you can take a more leisurely stroll around and plot out roughly what foods you want to try and the route to get to them later. Bring change. When we went to our … [Read more…]