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Am I breastfeeding a toddler?

I suppose I should start with defining what a toddler is to me. I thought that toddler was really around the age of 2-3 and maybe even in nursery. Then I was minding my own business when suddenly it was thrust upon me that Ivy if walking (toddling) should really be a toddler. I was aghast! In one word you had taken my baby from me. I have now accepted that. It’s okay. Now I am breastfeeding a toddler in the eyes of many more than I had realised. I haven’t been super vocal on breastfeeding of late and that was because we were going through some issues ourselves. Ivy had… Read More Am I breastfeeding a toddler?

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Formula & Breastfeeding – what if we turn the tables?

I was sitting in the hospital bed, I had everything ready. I look around and see all the other new mothers feeding with their breasts, babies so tiny latched on guzzling and tapping at their mothers to stimulate for more. The partners sitting making the mum a snack and filling her cups with water. I sit on the chair designed to feed my baby, sit baby into position and pull it out. I gently pull out the bottle filled with formula. I have no idea if I am doing it properly. Some of the other partners look a bit strangely at me. It’s okay though, it’s a maternity ward –… Read More Formula & Breastfeeding – what if we turn the tables?

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Sometimes breastfeeding makes me cry

There has been occasions during the last few months where I have just not wanted to feed. I looked at Ivy and as much as I love her (a lot) I just didn’t want to do it. For the very beginning I have posted pictures, posted blog posts in which I tell various people to go an bugger themselves for being rude about feeding with a boob. All of my popular posts are about breastfeeding, and I love that. I am proud that people find my blog to read something I have written. They are all very happy, humour filled posts though, I rarely (if ever) talk about how hard… Read More Sometimes breastfeeding makes me cry

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Weaning doesn’t need to mean the end of breastfeeding

Something I was not looking forward to was the introduction to food. I like being the food. Now I’m like 75% food and still 100% comfort. Well, it’s a toss up between me and Mrs Peaches.  So it’s cool to think of a way to incorporate your milk into their diet but not always directly from the breast. Over the weekend I made Breast Milk & Yoghurt Fruitsicles. Ivy really enjoyed her Fruitsicles. Something I wanted to ensure was that she was getting the most from her weaning experience, and still the goodness of breast milk. Although in the picture above I have cherries I swapped them out last minute… Read More Weaning doesn’t need to mean the end of breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding & weaning

Some people have even asked will I stop when it’s time to wean. My answer is ‘why?’. Why would I be stopping now? We all know that around 6 months babies show an interest in food, they grab it, squish it, rub it on their face, taste it and sometimes a little might even make it’s way into their stomach. We are primarily baby lead weaning. We like the tactile nature of it. It’s brilliant for fine motor skills, developing hand eye co-ordination and they learn to chew food a little earlier. Occasionally with things like porridge or fruity yoghurt I will introduce a spoon and we will do it… Read More Breastfeeding & weaning

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Bravo to Bravado! A nursing bra review

I have been having a hideous time finding a bra that doesn’t give up on me. One that doesn’t unclick itself half way around town. One that keeps my wild nipples in their place. One that doesn’t let my boobs hang sadly on the front of me like two baking spuds in a carrier bag. I have found that One.  During pregnancy I could get away with a (very) sturdy sports bra but that would only last so long once Ivy came along and feeding started. Knowing that they will grow and shrink every few hours for the next few months is a pretty daunting thing when buying a bra.… Read More Bravo to Bravado! A nursing bra review

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How would I describe co-sleeping

In the first few weeks I had full intentions of giving you every detail. Of sharing a photo every day. I really did. I wanted to log down her first roll, the first smile, the first gurgle and everything in between. What I found was I didn’t want to miss it by sitting writing about it. In the time it takes me to write a blog post I didn’t want to miss a new facial expression. I didn’t want her to wake up and not see me. I wanted to be the best parent that I feel I could be. As I write this I feel that until this very… Read More How would I describe co-sleeping

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I miss my baby, when she is lying next to me

This whole post might sound crackers but I miss my baby. She is just over 4 months old and I miss her. She has started to roll so I put the cot together 4 days ago. To keep her safe from rolling off my bed during daytime naps. But this means she now naps in the cot, her first bit of sleep before the night feed is in the cot. I feel like I should get in the cot and lay beside. When she wakes for her night feed, usually around 10.30pm I take her in to bed with me where she stays,  we talk and she laughs at her… Read More I miss my baby, when she is lying next to me

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Normal Breastfeeding – what is ‘normal’ anyway?

I’ve written a few posts about breastfeeding and my Instagram is filled with shots too, it is something that I love and I love to talk about. Me and Ivy had a good start, she was a natural latching superstar, but it hasn’t been without issues either. Sitting at 2am with a boob like a ball and baby struggling to latch causes no end of frustration! Having a painful blocked duct in the early days and knowing the best way to clear it out is feed, feed and feed some more is great, but not being able to touch your breast because of the shock of pain isn’t.  In the… Read More Normal Breastfeeding – what is ‘normal’ anyway?