How To Find Out How Much You’ve Paid in PayPal Fees

If like me, you haven’t been keeping a tally as you’ve been earning through the year it can be a nightmare to find a simple total. I spent ages going through my PayPal account trying to find it. It just wasn’t there. So this is a very short post, on How To Find Out How Much You’ve Paid in PayPal Fees. Eventually, with no luck I started hunting through the forums and eventually, found this link: Super simple, click the link above, hit ‘charts & graphs’-  and you can pick the dates you need to find the fees for, and the total for that time period. Hope that helps!

How to tell if you are a Serious Blogger

You have written an open letter. The letter didn’t do badly, you got some decent traffic and in the open letter you addressed people in an emotional and empathetic way, so you fully engaged with them to get your message across. You also tweeted this post to all available media outlets – it was featured in a few. Success! You have at one point or another half-heartedly got involved with a charity thing. Aside from ‘giving back’ you also got great views, some worthwhile backlinks that shot your DA up a bit, and you proceeded to then tell everyone how it has ‘opened your eyes’. But it was only for … [Read more…]

Instagram Tips – quick tips that make an impact

Photography isn’t something we are all natural at; thankfully you have a whole host of editing software, filters and cropping at your finger tips. Don’t use the Instagram app to take the photo. Immediately you will lose zoom, focus and personally I lose macro, night & a whole host of other VERY useful modes. Use as much natural light as you can. This not only makes your photo brighter, lighter and more colourful it gives you more power with editing later on as you will have more depth. Textures are visually astounding when editted in the right way – take your time and find the right settings. Instagram is designed … [Read more…]

Mobile Photography (Mobileography) – why your mobile is your best camera.

    I had the pleasure of hearing Olly Lang speak at The Photography Show recently and in case you aren’t familiar he is a mobile photography legend. He has shot for ASOS, Burberry, Mercedes Benz, HTC and Nokia just to name a few. Many bloggers like myself have been brandishing our DSLRs like a shiny new toy and casting aside out phones until we are eating something worth sharing, or y’know when our children do something we deem share worthy (all the time by the way). Or we lug out huge Crumpler bags across the country to check out a blogger event – when all the time, the real … [Read more…]