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When you arrive at your Butlin’s check-in you get a little pack filled with information, your room keys, and a map. There is a little guide called ‘Your What’s On Guide’, it covers everything that is going on and give details about it too. If you’re heading to Butlin’s I would recommend downloading the app, and planning some things in advance. Also, check if your chosen activities are included, need to be booked or have a small charge. Add this into your holiday pack if you’ve booked online and you will also get the tickets in the welcome pack. Don’t worry if you didn’t book in advance you can go to guest services and book on arrival too – handy. Something I searched for before I went was the entertainment at Butlin’s Skegness, even though I knew there was loads I wondered what other people did.

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First of all, we loved the space. It’s pretty wide open but completely safe so you really can let the kids roam a little. Second of all, we had to make the most of our time there, so we opened up the app and added things into our phone calendars and set it to remind us every morning what was on for that day. We met a few families, our girls chatted and talked about the shows they had seen or were going to, they talked about Reds and the food!

While there we had a look at:

Drum Workshop (booked)
Thomas’ Race Day
Mike The Knight and the Glendragon Anthem
Horrible Histories Craft Session (booked & £5)
Tots Disco at Reds
Emergency Entertainment
Messy Time – Under 5s
Buffalo Billy – Wild West Show
Tots Town
Aladdin Rocks
Fireman Sam
Skyline Gang
and many more…

You might think that list is pretty short but each activity lasts around an hour or more, the Tots Town is available for a huge chunk of the day so we visited that a few times, the Messy Time is also brilliant, lasts 2 hours and  you can take away your child’s artwork. The shows are very lively and I recommend arriving a little early to get a great seat, although even at the back of the seating area you have a great view and can hear everything going on.


Messy Play was great fun, two hours of painting, foam, drawing and mess. The two youngest really loved it, yes they did get messy, but it’s called ‘messy’ play! It’s set up similar to a nursery, you sign in through a gate door and a member of the staff is on the door at all times. While there each child was offered, help, new activities and plenty to make sure they were having a nice time. I totally recommend this if you have some time.

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Winning tickets on the 2p sliders. This passed so much time it was unbelievable. We spent a few quid on a couple of pots of 2ps and won a few back, some mini toys and had a great time. If you’re not keen on gambling then simply miss this bit out.

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Giant beach ball fun by the beach entrance – amazing photo-fun-times. Everything is really big, the girls loved climbing on a huge deck chair and posing for photos!


Loving the play area in the fairground. It has tunnels, hills, and some seating for the grown-ups to relax while the kids are playing.


Vroooom vroom!


Getting a braid put in her hair, she really enjoyed this and it was something many of you will remember getting when you were on holiday many moons ago!

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Horrible Histories craft session, she made a bookmark! We really enjoyed this session. They talked about the history of Butlin’s, some of the ways that art was made and asked some questions which got the kids all interacting. A great sessions, and worth the price, as now I have a bookmark to keep!

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Drum Workshop. This was great, the kids all got to join in playing games, learning some of the technical terms and making some noise.

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Enjoying the lights and tunes at Reds.

There was honestly so much to do, we actually split up at certain points to cover everything we wanted to do. We also decided to fit in, in between breakfast and dinner each day – a separate post on the food coming soon!

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