13 Weeks Pregnant

It feels strange to be talking about being 13 weeks pregnant. I have kept it really under wraps. So now we are the size of a peach apparently. I’m hungry today, which is nice. I’m craving green vegetables – kale, broccoli and spinach. I have a recipe that I am going to try to make today, it might take a few hours to get the prep done but last year slow living fascinated me. This year, I am having to live slowly and very purposefully.

This Week

Luckily, we are currently in half-term. The girls have all needed a rest. They’ve played with Lego, made drawings, painted pretty pictures and slept. All three of them have been unbelievably wonderful to me. They are mindful humans, they care so much. The excitement of the baby has remained constant and so has their care for me. I think they needed to see a scan picture as much as I did. Just so that they can put a tiny spine and face to the reason I’ve been so lacking as a parent.

I am toying with the idea of a gender scan in about 3 weeks time. Thinking about the future, the tiny toes, the birth and the gender of the new addition is incredibly helpful. Although it may seem like there is ages to go, August isn’t that far away. If you look at it in terms of school terms and holidays – which is how I live my life.

I made a fruit salad this morning, and it took a while, I feel so slow. My brain seems to not be on full tick right now, half baby brain, half hungry/sick. On the positive side, my pills are working well today. I have managed plenty of water, and a cup of fruit.

Next week we are the size of a lemon. Which I didn’t know were bigger than a peach. The more you know.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Baby.

I’m sitting on my bed as I write this, the house is pretty quiet. It’s nice. I’ve been awake for a little while, I’ve had my usual morning sickness session. My body feels pretty programmed for them now – and that is okay.

My lovely friend Maria from Suburban Mum was a gem and posted something I’d written as a guest post. It was when I feeling particularly low – The First Trimester with HG. Within hours of writing the post, I knew I had to go to hospital. I could cope with no food. I’d gotten used to not eating quickly. There is however, no life without liquids. I could no long keep water down. The decision was made. It was for the best.

Moving Forward

After the hospital, the drips and tests. My ketones were +4, my skin was dry with no bounce back. They asked for a urine sample and I could barely produce a dribble. Unfortunately, there were no beds available – not for the lack of my Dr trying. I was given Metoclopramide, and within two days I managed to keep full glasses of water down and some Dioralyte to help with rehydration. Feeling almost human once again. Plain boiled rice is the safest food for me currently. That might sound boring, but I promise, after feeling like there was no hope at all, to having 2 spoons of rice, I was on cloud nice.

What About Baby?

Well, we actually had no idea at this point. Although I had seriously dark thoughts when at my very lowest ebb. I also woke up each day, knowing what my day would entail, and still tried. I tried every day to drink water and tried to eat. With the knowledge that my body would attack the food and eject it. That the day would be spent between laying down, and being sick or retching until my throat bled.

I was waiting out time till the scan date arrived.

And then it did.

What now?

I am still working on a day by day basis. Long drives are difficult, certain smells still tip me over the edge. An hour after waking, is my serious witching hour. I have different pills from the GP, Cyclizine and I don’t find them to be as effective as the ones I was initially prescribed but I am still doing so much better – for that I am thankful.

My skin took a battering, it’s flakey and patchy. I’m using gentle exfoliants and moisturisers because my skin is still sensitive to the touch – like when you have the flu. I lost some weight, in a dangerous way. I’m cold a lot too. My hair needs a good nurturing mask.

I’m not glowing, I am grey – but I will get there. The bruises from the cannula have faded, my throat isn’t as painful anymore, I can swallow in relative comfort. Water is the most perfect thing in the world.

We are 12+6 now, and I intend to keep resting, sipping water and eating when I can.

It’s been an extraordinary three months, welcome to Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Baby.

5 Tips for Saving Money

Post Christmas, a lot of people start really considering their finances for the following year. Looking at the best ways to save money on the weekly shop, utilities, and insurance.


5 Tips for Saving Money

Here are 5 Tips for Saving Money:

  • Surf the web for online deal checking websites. Whether it is cheap beers and wine, cheap food or deals on washing powder you can be sure to find big deals online. If you sign up you can get the best deals delivered to your inbox to be sure you never miss out on a bargain.
  • Look at what you are spending on take-away food, eating out at restaurants, even that coffee you sometimes grab at lunch time. Those small amounts add up to big savings. You can download an app to keep you on track, often visual representation of what you are saving can spur you on to save even more.
  • Check what saving options you have with your bank. Could you afford to put a little aside each week or month? Check out some comparison sites like MoneySuperMarket.com to see if you are getting the best banking deal. After that, check out saving plans like an ISA, Cleo (automatic savings, instant access) and depending on how much you have to put away – Fixed Rate Bonds.
  • Things like gas and electric can vary hugely by supplier, it is really worth looking at your quarterly or yearly spend, and comparing it to other companies. Comparethemarket.com is great for running a quick check and seeing what you could be banking per year. You can also use the same website to check your insurance too.
  • Meal planning and sizing down on groceries. You might be spending much more than you need to on your weekly shop. Swapping from brand name items to basics, and having a meal plan for each week will reduce your food waste. Those changes will reduce the amount you are spending per shop, without effort.

So there you have it, 5 tips for saving money in your day-to-day life. If you have any more tips you’d add please feel free to sound off below in the comment box.


Creating A Patio Worthy Of Love

The patio. Something all the home improvement shows on the television tell us we should take pride in, walking across sandstone slabs with the gentle rushing of water in the background. Sounds picturesque already, doesn’t it? However, in reality, only a few people are lucky enough to have this kind of space to themselves. Spending some time outside is something we should all do a little more of. However, when your backyard looks dingy and dirty, and the grass isn’t green or fluffy anymore, we don’t really want to bask in our own space! Thankfully, there’s some easy ways to fix this up, for people of all skill levels.

Know Where to Place it

Outdoor living is on the up and up, and that usually means a patio is connected to a backdoor, adjacent to the wall or a conservatory. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t design your patio at the back of the garden, towards the side, or even right in the middle. It’s your garden and in the natural world there’s no restrictions on how to cut the lawn around your socialising area.

A patio is a place for you to sit down and relax, so make sure it’s somewhere you know you can bask in the outside world whilst still retaining a private feel. You’re going to need somewhere big enough to fit all of your family, and a few guests when you hold those summer barbecues, so keep the space in mind as well.


Choosing the Right Furniture

Furniture is something that can make or break a patio. You’re going to need a couple of chairs at the very least as sitting on the ground isn’t exactly desirable, even when you have a warm and dry space to do it on. Make sure you’ve got a table and parasol as well, for the more sunny days, and you’re going to be spending almost every day outside, completing your daily tasks with a flair.

Try and buy from garden centres or DIY stores, as these places sell the right kind of woods and metals to stand the test of time against outside conditions and extreme weather. Of course, if nothing is to your taste, you can always buy some normal indoor seats and then treat them with the right solutions. Overall, remember that you’re going to need to take care of any furniture you put outside, as everything can get worn down. Knowing how to maintain your garden furniture can take some time and effort, but it means you’re not going to have to fork out for new cushions and wicker pieces month after month. Save money and look good whilst doing it!

Creating a patio worthy of your love is a nice project to get started on for this year. With spring coming up, and summer soon following it, it’s almost like you can feel the warm air on your skin! Make sure you’re basking in that feeling as much as you can when winter leaves.

Silver, Gold, and Valentine’s Red (wine).

There are a few months of the years where it is seemingly never-ending, one celebration after another. I find myself googling to try to find something new or extra special. The truth is though, me and my husband are pretty basic. We do like chocolates, red wine, and a good book. So below is a little list of the great basics and where to find them.



Gold: A classic from Yardley, according to fans it is becoming harder to get hold of nowadays. It has a light citrus scent with a warm amber underneath. Gorgeous smell and a snip at £6.75.


Olverum: Is potentially the most luxurious bath oil I have ever had the delectable pleasure in using. You really do only need the smallest amount to have a seriously indulgent bath. The oil leaves your skin incredibly soft, while the essential oils melt away stress, leaving you calm and refreshed and in the perfect state to sleep. From £29.00

War Paint


First up the Sleek Makeup iDivine Eyeshadow Palette, A New Day – brilliant array of nudes, plenty of colour payoff, not much fallout and of course a huge mirror which I just love. With a nice mix of matte and shimmer this is a great staple palette. Pick it up for a reasonable £6.65 with same day delivery.

Sleek Makeup Blush Palette, in Pink Lemonade – one cream, one matte powder and one slightly shimmery highlighter. The highlighter isn’t my bag but the cream and the power are brilliant. They last all day with the right fixing spray and are super pigmented. Gorgeous spring colour and great to have in your makeup kit.

I am a lip balm fiend. I cannot have enough tubes in my bags, car, desk draws. This Mentos Raspberry one is fresh and fruity and keeps lips soft and supple for a few hours. Reapply liberally and often for a super soft pout.

Trinkets and Treasures

First up we have a plain Sterling Silver Heart Charm bracelet ideal to buy and get engraved. It comes in at a sweet £13.75.

Beating hearts baby, a beautiful rose gold Heartbeat pendant, this is pretty, delicate and still makes a statement. An affordable piece at £7.45. Comes gift boxed in a cute rustic little box.

LOTD: £3, 5 rings. Stackable, spreadable and cute this ring stack is for those who love a little extra sparkle. The Silver Antique Stone 5 ring Set is cute and adds a little something extra to any outfit.


Eat & Drink:

Red wine and Chocolate. The classic romantic combination?


This Blockhead Shiraz is from 31Dover.com, personally I don’t like red wine, but my husband would opt for a nice red over most other alcoholic beverages. This is a neat £7.99, and is being saved for a large steak.

The cutest box of chocolates I ever did see, Jenny Wren Belgian Chocolates are just gorgeous, filled with flavour and a great selection. The little touch that makes this special is the three-tiered fold out box, that can be turned into a keepsake box. Currently available from Sainsbury’s for sweet £6.50.

Little Touches


A good book is a remedy for the fast paced life we live. A New Map of Love by Abi Oliver.

A New Map of Love has been described as a “delightful read” and, thankfully, this is exactly what Abi Oliver set out to achieve. It was inspired, in part, by moments of time from within her life, but primarily crafted out of a desire to create a character-driven and heart-warming story about a quintessentially English man living in a quintessentially English village in the 1960s and his journey into a new life

Matching organisation tools. I am a fond collector of organisers, notebooks, pens… stationery in general. It’s still early enough in the year to treat a loved one to a lovely new set of matching stationery. Splashing out on a dateless planner, with stickers and bits and pieces is a gift that can last all year-long.